Your First Appointment

Your first appointment with a Mental Health Provider will usually be 30 - 45 Minutes Long

After checking in with our Front Desk Staff, you will be given New Patient Forms to fill out. Once completed, you will meet with your Mental Health Provider.

Your provider will:

  • listen to you talk about your concerns and symptoms

  • ask questions about your general health

  • ask about your family history

  • take your blood pressure and do a basic physical check-up if it's required

  • ask you to fill out a questionnaire.

There will usually be a lot of questions. The long appointment gives the psychiatrist time to listen to you and hear your whole story.

They might also want to speak with other health professionals or members of your family.

Your psychiatrist may order some more tests to help them understand what is going on.

It might take a few appointments for your psychiatrist to make a full diagnosis, but the next step is to work out a treatment plan.

A treatment plan is a combination of therapies that suit your health needs, personal preferences, family situation and age.

You and your Mental Health Provider will work together to develop a treatment plan that's right for you. The provider might provide the treatment themselves, or they might recommend you see another health professional – for example a Psychiatrist, Therapist, Etc...

After your first visit, the appointments might be shorter. Your Mental Health Provider will focus on checking your progress and adjusting treatments. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I bring someone with me?

You can bring a family member or friend to an appointment if you want. They can wait for you outside or come in for all or part of the appointment. You don't have to bring someone if you don't want to.

What should I bring with me?

Bring in any documents you already have, such as: Insurance Card Drivers License List of Current Medications (Medication, Herbal Supplements, and Vitamins) List of Questions you may have It is also helpful to write down what you would like to speak with the provider about. Such as: The symptoms you haveany stresses in your life Other medical conditions you have Ideas about what's helped or not helped in the past The supports you have (family, friends, colleagues, sporting groups etc.). Sometimes patients "freeze" or "forget" important information once they are meeting with their provider. This list can help you remember all the things you would like to address with your provider.

Can I fill out the New Patient Paperwork beforehand?

Absolutely! Once your appointment has been set, you will recieve a email with the ability to fill out the forms before your appointment.