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Medication Management

Psychiatric Medications should be prescribed by a board-certified Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. These providers have studied the pharmacology of psychiatric medications. At Precise, we diagnose psychosis and mental disorders, and then help with comprehensive and caring treatment, including medication management.

The medication works differently for each individual, some using better than others, which is why, before starting your treatment regimen, you will complete a thorough psychological and medical evaluation. The process of finding an appropriate medication usually includes the patient, his or her family members, and doctors working together to make sure the medicine is prescribed in a way that supports the patient’s personal recovery goals. All those involved should be provided with sufficient information that will help them choose medications based on current evidence and outcomes. Your specific disorder and lifestyle needs will help determine which type of psychotropic medication you will prescribe. Results will be monitored by your treatment team to see how well it is working in alleviating your symptoms and to watch out for any side effects. If a particular medication is not working for you, your psychiatrist or physician will try other medication types until they find something that provides the best results.


Continued Care:

Even though you may feel better, it does not mean that you are cured; it may merely mean that your medications are working, and you mustn't discontinue using them. Your provider will likely require follow-up visits to ensure that your medicine is continuing to alleviate your symptoms and ensure that you are not suffering from any side effects.

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