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Sleep Consultation

Precise is a unique sleep center in Flowood, Mississippi that offers Psychiatry, Therapy, and Sleep medicine. Sleep disorders can seriously impact your health; therefore, they require specialized medical attention by a sleep physician. If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, we are happy to schedule you for a thorough consultation with one of our sleep providers. You may be asked theses questions to determine if you have a sleep disorder or if further testing will need to be ordered. 

Do you feel rested and refreshed upon awakening?

What is it you are experiencing and how frequently?                                                                                                                                

You sleep better under different circumstances?                                                                                       

Have you ever been told that you snore or stop breathing in your sleep?                      

Do you have ongoing medical problems?

During your initial consultation, you’ll be asked all the pertinent questions necessary to understand your situation completely. 

We are always available to consult with your physician about your needs and your care. Sleep disorders often are related to other medical conditions, and treatment for a sleep disorder must consider these concerns, medications, previous treatments, etc. So we will call to consult with your doctor and request the information we need.

What to Expect during your Sleep Consultation

  • A Sleep Consultation is an office visit with one of our sleep physicians. During the evaluation, your doctor will review your medical history and perform a physical exam.

  • You will be asked to discuss your sleep complaints as well as any other related conditions.

  • Your physician will work with you to develop a treatment plan and may recommend an overnight or home sleep study.

  • It is always wise to prepare a list of questions and key issues you would like to discuss before your appointment to ensure all of your questions are answered.

What To Bring to your Sleep Consultation

  • Any previous sleep study results (if available)

  • Your CPAP machine, mask, and any other equipment (if applicable)

  • A list of your medications

  • Your physician's contact information (if not already provided)

  • Your insurance card

  • Your co-pay (if applicable)

Doctor and Patient

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