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Psychiatric Assessment

Struggling with a particular mental health issue or experiencing difficulty in a personal relationship? Get a confidential psychiatric assessment from board-certified psychiatrists at Precise CNS. We diagnose psychosis and mental disorders and then help with comprehensive and caring treatment.

To gather the information needed to make an accurate psychiatric diagnosis, Precise CNS can provide an in-depth psychiatric assessment or psychological screening. Diagnoses of mental disorders can include various affective, behavioral, cognitive, and perceptual abnormalities that can impede an individual from performing at an optimal level. Psychiatric assessments are usually the first step in the treatment process and may also be conducted for legal purposes. These assessments are prepared and conducted by psychiatrists and sometimes, with the help of other medical practitioners. Once a psychiatric assessment has been conducted, the treatment of mental disorders can exist in a wide range of psychiatric practices, depending on the evaluation results, with which Precise CNS is prepared to engage at every occurrence, sourcing from an array of sub-specialties and theoretical approaches.

For a psychiatric assessment, the psychiatrist will need the following information:

  • Identifying information

  • The chief complaint or reason for the visit

  • The history of the present illness

  • The individual’s past medical and psychological history

  • Personal history

  • Family history

  • Substance abuse history

  • Mental Status Evaluation (MSE)

A Psyciatric Assessment gives our providers a indept assesment so we can create specialized treatment plans for Precise Clinical Neuroscience Spcialists. Help for Alzheimer's Disease, Anxiety, ADD, Depression, Dementia, Psychiatry, Grief, Counseling, Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, Suicide Intrvention, Schizophrenia, OCD, Psychiatric Condtions in Flowood, Ridgeland, Madison, Clinton, Jackson, Richland, Brandon Mississippi

Psychiatric assessments usually include sections of social and biographical information, direct observations, and psychological testing. For in-patients, these evaluations are usually carried out in a hospital setting while for out-patients these evaluations take place in an ambulatory or community setting. The purpose of all psychiatric assessments is to diagnose and formulate the problems of the patient so that the psychiatrist can plan treatment for the diagnosis or problems.

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