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Precise CNS is well-acquainted in the field of psychiatric talk therapy, which is a psychological approach to resolving mental disorders through speech and communication. These mental disorders can include various affective, behavioral, cognitive, and perceptual abnormalities that can impede an individual from performing at an optimal level. The treatment of mental disorders through talk therapy can exist in a wide-range of psychiatric practices, with which Precise CNS is prepared to engage at every occurrence, sourcing from an array of sub-specialties and theoretical approaches.

Talk therapy begins when the patient first makes an appointment with a psychiatrist in which the patient will explain the reasons for his or her visit. The psychiatrist will then follow by asking questions to clarify the explanations of the patient and afterwards present a diagnosis and a plan for treatment to the patient.

The idea behind talk therapy is that many people believe that the root of many psychological problems comes from the interactions that one has with his or her environment. Therefore, the talk therapy can help clarify what are the problems of the patient, help the patient identify why he is having the problem and develop an understanding of it, so that through speech and sometimes medicine the patient can overcome his or her troubles.

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Our Specialist
  • Dr. Joseph Kwentus, Psychiatrist

  • Dr. Kristen Bevill, Psychiatrist

  • Carri Myers, Psychiatric NP

  • Roderick Green, Psychiatric NP

  • Joyce Vaughn, Psychiatric NP

  • Angela Greene, Psychiatric NP

  • William Johnson, Psychiatric NP

  • Ron Mumbower, Ph.D., LMFT

  • Dr. Karen Richardson, Ph.D., LPC 
  • Ebony Thomas, LCSW

  • Tracy Edwards, LPC

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